Fallout 76 will receive a hardcore mode

Although it has received several criticisms, Bethesda does not give up with Fallout 76 and is working on ways to make it more attractive. One of them is a new game mode that is made for the most hardcore players of this online experience.

His name is Survival and it is an experience that offers the same quests, events and history that is present in the regular mode. The main difference is that here all the players – less those who are part of your team or are helping to an event – will be marked as hostile. In other words, it will be a war zone in which participants can attack others whenever they want.

Now, that will not be the only thing that makes Survival stand out. This will also force the players to reappear in their camp or in Vault 76. Thus, they will not be able to recover their objects so easily. In addition, there will be greater rewards for winning in PVP duels.

According to Bethesda, Survival mode will debut in a Beta that does not yet have a release date, but will be released in a phased manner. Keep in mind that during this trial period the company will analyze which are the mechanics that work and which do not to make the necessary adjustments.

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