Fallout 4 Piezonucleic Power Armor Chest Piece Location (Cambridge Polymer Labs)

In this guide will provide you with The Fallout Piezonucleic Power Armor chest piece location that can be found in the Cambridge Polymer Labs which is sorrounded by other towns along the way. You can unlock the Piezonucleic power arm by completing your way through the story of the game in which you will come across, but if you want to take on this mission you can go to where i show you in the map below:

fallout 4 piezonucleic powe armor location

Items that you will need to gather to get the Piezonucleic power armor, Isotope sample,Lithium hydrite, gold. You will also need to inset each of the containers in to the terminals to unlock other items and eventually you will get the Piezonucleic power armor chest piece. Follow the video below that provides details on how you can acquarire:

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  • Search the labs to retrieve all six unidentified samples. Laboratory C5 is accessed through a hole in the wall connecting it to lab C4. C3 is opened through a wall terminal or the crawlspace. C3 contains the password for the radioactive containment area as well.
  • Place them in the polymer coating applicator in lab C2 to learn what they contain.
    • Unidentified Sample 11317: Hydrochloric Acid
    • Unidentified Sample 3111: Lithium Hydride
    • Unidentified Sample 413: Gallium
    • Unidentified Sample 65: Tungsten
    • Unidentified Sample 49: Cobalt
    • Unidentified Sample 611: Gold
  • The samples you need are 3111 (located in the storage room next to lab C4) and 611.
  • Enter lab C5 and use the isotope containment terminal to open the containment chamber. Retrieve isotope U-238 from inside the containment chamber.
  • Place the isotope in the sample container inside the polymer coating applicator, then add lithium hydride and gold to the chemical reagent slots.
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