Expeditions Conquistador Walkthrough and Wiki Guide

The Expeditions Conquistador Walkthrough will provide you with the best strategy.

Expeditions Conquistador Walkthrough

The Expeditions Conquistador Walkthrough will guide you through this 16th Century era of explorers and adventurers. The walkthrough will provide you with tips and tricks on completing your own playthrough of the game along with this will offer best strategy on completing different levels and how to defend and attack your opponent with tactical skills during the battles.

In Expeditions: Conquistador, the player takes on the role of a famous—or infamous—conquistador, landing on the shores of the New World. On the search for gold, fame, and adventure, the player and a few companions venture into regions never before explored by Europeans.

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Expeditions: Conquistador Walkthrough Part 1 Expeditions: Conquistador Walkthrough Part 2 Expeditions: Conquistador Walkthrough Part 3 Expeditions: Conquistador Walkthrough Part 4



Expeditions: Conquistador offers the player in single or multiplayer mode the opportunity to conquer an unknown continent, or to fight on the side of the indigenous people as they defend their homeland from the invaders. This will require not only tactical skills in battle, but also diplomatic finesse. In Expeditions: Conquistador, the variety of tactical possibilities in turn-based battles, the numerous role-playing elements, and the wide scope for decision making all pose an exciting challenge. As you watch the full Expeditions Conquistador Walkthrough you will gain experience to take on to the battle.


KEY FEATURES of Epeditions Conquistador:

  • ·         Four different difficulty levels for beginners and pros alike. But beware: the Aguirre (pro) difficulty level is a real monster!
  • ·         Brutal battles or peaceful diplomacy:  survive all engagements on over 70 battlefields!
  • ·         Discover the New World! Journey to legendary locations within the Americas and blaze the trail to mystical El Dorado.
  • ·         Create your own troops! Choose from more than 30 characters, train your recruits, and lead them into battle. Direct their development from inexperienced beginners to skilled warriors.
  • ·         Customize your main character with six unique player stats balancing strengths and weaknesses.
  • ·         Journey across a gigantic world map and discover authentic and legendary places.
  • ·         Challenge your friends in multiplayer battles, in both hot seat and TCP/IP mode.
  • ·         Detailed strategy: a turn-based strategy role-playing game with plenty of retro charm in modern garb.

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