Exo Zombies Turning on the Power Station Locations Guide

In this guide we will provide you with all the different locations where the power stations are that turn on the power for all of the different items in the Outbreak map, such as, 3D printer machine, exo suit, upgrade locations and much more. Without turning on all the different power stations in the game Exo Zombies Mode you will not be able to to take advantage of all the power that can be given to you and eventually you will not survive as long as you will the be able to access all the perk machines. We are working on a complete guide and are updating this guide as we gather all the info.

TOC: Exo Zombies Walkthrough | Exo Suit Perk Machines | Exo Suit Machines | 3D zombies | Achievements | Exo Suit for Free | Easter Egg Locations | Power Station Locations

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