Exo Survival Scoring Points Guide

Exo Survival Scoring Points Guide

While you play Exo Survival mode your gameplay will be calculated by the type of kills you get during the game. Below find the Score Points of each action that you perform during the game.

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Exo Survival Scoring Points
Kill Score
Kill Assault 150
Kill Assist 500
Kill Beamer 150
Kill Cloaked 150
Kill Doberman 100
Kill Drone 100
Kill Elite 175
Kill EPM3 200
Kill Grunt 100
Kill Gunner 125
Kill Heavy Beamer 200
Kill Launcher 250
Melee Hit 50
Shoot Head 30
Shoot Torso 20
Any Hit on AST 10
Directed Energy Damage 4
Headshot kill 50
Melee Kill Ast 50
Collect Dog Tag 200
Defense Kill +100
Defuse Bomb 1000
Gather Intel 300
Destroy Enemy Sentry 200

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