Turtle Rock announced that Evolve PC will become a free-to-play, starting from this July 7. After the criticism he received regarding the DLC the game, and with the help of the community, the study made this decision.

So, all those who bought the full game will get the Founder status, allowing them to keep all the previously purchased content and will be honored with gifts, rewards and special access during the time Evolve is in active development.

The study said it will make a thorough review of Evolve , which will be back in the form of Beta for PC, while adjusting to the new business model. Consequently, Turtle Rock is planning a restructuring hunters classes to create a new balance. There will also be a new user interface, the maps will be improved, the progression will go through a process of renewal and there will be more customization options.

As if that were not enough, the team Evolve wants to improve overall game performance, load times and improve the wait between games. The study is focused on polishing stability and remove all bugs.

Through the blog of Turtle Rock , the study was sincere and explain the reason for these changes, noting that it was all a result of receiving the game after its release.

“When Evolve was released, the reception was not what we expected. Sure, there were some good reviews. There were bad reviews , ” said the study. “Yes, there was excitement. There was also disappointment for the players and for us. The shit storm on the DLC hit with full force and enthusiasm of the people was, dragging us further and further away from the first experience magical pick-up- and-play “.

It also recognized the role Turtle Rock Community Evolve to make this change because there arose the idea of turning the title into a free-to-play. The study asked for patience and help make this transition, starting with test the new server infrastructure. “We want that magic again and it is our goal that happen , ” they said.

The main revisions Beta Evolve, updates and new features, will be shared with the community during the coming weeks and months, with an active role of Turtle Rock with the players, to communicate every change that will receive the game.

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