Evolve Walkthrough Monster Strategy Guide

In the Evolve Walkthrough for the Monsters will provide you on the best in game strategy to be able to take on the different type of hunters that come at you. In our walkthrough we provide you with tips and tricks on completing the part of the monster and take on all the differerent hunters.

Our Evolve walkthrough will help you on how to level up fast your beast and in the in game how to go about destroying the hunters as you level up your monsters.  One of the best in game strategy is to level up as fast as you can by eating bigger animals and not wasting too much time on smaller animal if can avoid it. Each of the different monsters that you use have their own type of ability along with best strategy on how to play them.

TOC: Evolve Monsters Walkthrough, Evolve Hunters Walkthrough, Achievements, Trophies

 Monsters Abilities

The Goliath Abilities

The Goliath’s abilities, though primarily offensive, can fulfill a variety of functions meaning players may tailor these abilities according to individual play style.

Fire Breath
The Goliath spits a jet of flame that not only damages targets but ignites them as well, dealing additional damage over time. Flame Breath is a strong attack for dealing damage to groups of hunters that group up too close and can be punishing if several hunters are hit for extended periods of time. It can also be used in conjunction with the melee attack, dealing huge amounts of damage.

Leap Smash
The Goliath leaps through the air towards his target location and slams into the ground after a short travel time. Upon landing the Goliath slams his fists into the ground, damaging those it hits. By using the joysticks in air, you can altar the place landing. Leap Smash can be used both offensively as well as defensively as a way to initiate combat or a way to escape opponents.

A powerful attack that allows the Goliath to rush forward and close the gap between itself and its target, damaging and knocking aside all in its path. However it can also be used as a means of fleeing a battle when necessary.


Kraken Abilities

Lightning Strike

A skill shot where the Kraken summons three individual lightning bolts that when charged can triangulate on a single area, dealing astonishing amounts of damage to those caught beneath it.

Banshee Mine

Summons red, pulsating orbs from its maw that home in on nearby targets whilst emitting a loud screaming noise before exploding, dealing moderate damage in a single mine. Defensively, these mines can be used to distract hunters from the monster itself, allowing the Kraken to reposition.


Unleashes an electrical pulse around the Kraken for a few seconds that deals heavy damage to targets close to the Kraken. Note, this ability can only be used on the ground so the Kraken must land to do damage.


Shoots an energy wave that knocks enemies back and deals damage. Many veteran Kraken players use Vortex at stage 1 to keep hunters at bay and escape.

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