Evolve is an evolving game. After the press played some of it in February, the team took their feedback to the studio and has changed some of the things up with the monsters. For monsters, it was previously confusing as to how you will be controlling the creature and adding in new abilities to it.

As a result, they changed some of it around. Denby Grace, executive producer on the title at 2K Games, speaking with Polygon said:

“You can choose to spread your skill points across three abilities or max one of those abilities up,” he said. “It’s really made your choices much broader.”

The result allows the player who is controlling the monster to decide whether they want to be super aggressive immediately or methodically level up all of their skills.

Maps within Evolve have their own danger within the environment. The key to Evolve is teamwork.

Denby Grace also said that the ideal match within Evolve lasts about 12 minutes long.

The only monster they have shown thus far is the Goliath.

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