The Evil Within Mirror Locations Guide

The Evil Within Mirror Locations Guide

In our The Evil Within Mirror Locations guide will show you where to find all the different spots of the mirrors. Each of the location of the mirror tele-port you to where the machine is where you can upgrade as well as the different locker that you need the keys to unlock the them.

Follow our The Evil Within mirror Locations Guide as we show you in each chapter to find them. The mirror Locations help you with completing the every nook and cranny achievement and trophy in the game as you complete the game. Our game guide gives you the best way to finding all the different items and see below all the Mirror locations in their corresponding chapters.

TOC: Walkthrough | Achievements | Trophies | Statues Locations | Keys Locations | Syringes Locations | Journal Locations | Mirror Locations | Mirror Locations |

The Evil Within Mirror Locations Guide

Location #1: Chapter 2 Remnants: You will find it in a room behind closed doors after you investigate the crash area and all that you find in the game.

Location #2: Chapter 3 Claws of the Horde – The mirror location is inside a room where you can find in a house.

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