Epic Games will receive $ 9.2 MDD former Silicon Knights

Epic Games will receive $ 9.2 MDD former Silicon Knights

According to a decision of the Court of Appeals U.S., Epic Games will receive $ 9.2 MDD from those responsible for the former studio Silicon Knights, which currently work in Precursor Games studio passing through financial difficulties. The lawsuit began in 2005 but the decision was delayed for years.

The lawsuit was initiated by Denis Dyack, head of Silicon Knights, against Epic Games, for alleged breaches of a licensing agreement between the two companies. Dyack’s arguments were dismissed, but Epic countersued for infringement of copyrights and trade secret misappropriation. Demand for Epic fruition and awarded the company $ 4.5 MDD initially, but soon Silicon Knights appeal the ruling.

The case ended on 6 January, but to this day the verdict was announced. The decision reaffirms the judgment of the first circuit in favor of Epic, which is a death knell for Precursor Games and Denis Dyack, the draft of Shadow of Eternals failed Kickstarter.

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