Epic Games says Fortnite is still developing

Fortnite was revealed four years ago, so that after Epic Games showed Paragon , his new project , many players began to wonder about the future of the game of zombies. Fortunately, Epic Games said that the development of Fortnite still stands, but for the moment their priority is Paragon .

In a chat with Game Informer , Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, said they prefer to concentrate on Paragon to “carry an amazing state.” Thus, the study finds that it is better to “do only a great pitch at a time.”

According to Sweeney, this does not mean that the development of Fortnite is stopped, on the contrary, is booming.However, the legendary programmer said that it is a complex game, so its creation takes time.

“It is a game with amazing and complex RPG systems and a very interesting around metagame. It is a title that takes time to do well. Remains a priority for Epic, and should expect more news in the future, “concluded Sweeney.

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