Enslaved Odyssey to the West Masks Locations Guide (Mask Curator)

There are 26 masks to be collected through out Enslaved Odyssey to the west.  By collecting all the mask you will get your mask curator achievement and trophy. The locations of the masks are in all of the chapters except the first 2 chapters of the game.  Below is the list of Enslaved Odyssey to the west Mask Locations. 

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The Metal Tower Masks Locations Chapter 3:  3 Masks to be located

Wherefore Art Thou? Chapter 4: Masks to be located

The Crash Site Chapter 5:  3 Masks to be located.

Village Approach Chapter 6:  2 Masks to be located.

Finding Trip Chapter 7: 2 Masks to be located.

Gaining Access Chapter 8: 2 Masks to be located.

 The Wasteland Chapter 9: 2 Masks to be located.

 The Titan Factory Chapter 10: 2 Masks to be located..

The Old Battlefield Chapter 11: 2 Masks to be located.

 The Dam Chapter 12: 2 Masks to be located.

Grand Theft Chapter 13: 2 Masks to be located.

 Pyramid Masks Chapter 14: 1 Mask to be located.

Keep tune in and we will bring you more about the details of all the mask locations along with video walkthroughs for each mask to get your mask curator achievement.

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