EA confirmed that there will be no Need for Speed ​​in 2014

EA confirmed that there will be no Need for Speed ​​in 2014

As part of its latest financial report, Electronic Arts reported that Ghost Games was developing the next iteration of its arcade racing series, Need for Speed​​, but not available in 2014 because more time is needed to give the fans something different.

Marcus Nilsson, general manager, Ghost Games, wrote about it: “We’re in deep development of our next game and we want to make you this promise: we listen. Let’s give the game that have been asking; be the game they deserve, but to do that, we will take some time. ”

It is for this situation that the manager confirmed that Need for Speed ​​is absent in 2014 to deliver real change in 2015 and an immersive experience that he says the players want. To do this, Ghosts asks his fans to get involved with the project to accommodate the future of the franchise: “We want to impose the future gameplay and features that we know you will like. We will continue to innovate, always making sure to continue the celebration and joy of cars they offer. “He added.

Since 2002, Electronic Arts gave the fans at least, a new Need For Speed ​​per year. Hot Pursuit marked this trend and the series nearly 14 years finally ended with Rivals, which debuted in November 2013.

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