EA: We are 2 years away from the perfect Madden Game

During the launch event of Madden NFL 15 , the night of August 21, 2014, Patrick Bellanca, series producer, said that the franchise is 2 years to get to the point where it will look identical to a transmission Real football on TV. Bellanca also recognized that this year will be the first installment genuinely new generation.

“It takes 2 pieces to [reach delivering Madden absolutely perfect.]: one is graphics-and we’re getting closer, we’re really close- and then there’s a whole other side that we have work to do, “Bellanca said. “To summarize: a couple of years.”

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the developer also said that this was the first Madden NFL truly next-gen. “We are in the second year of this new development in hardware, and is the first installment we develop from the beginning-all the planning, all the development, without adaptations, with the approach of seeing what we could do with the Xbox One, so yes [is the first true next-gen delivery]. “

It is true that with the sophistication and annual iteration of the series, it can sometimes be complex to distinguish real progress, but the fact that Madden NFL 15 is the first iteration of the series genuinely eighth generation lends to think really matters worthwhile for fans of the tackles.

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