Dying Light Notes Locations Guide

Dying Light Notes Locations Guide will help you find all in the game.

The Dying Light Notes locations are throughout the entire gameplay of the game. Follow our location guide in which we will show you all the spots of where the notes are. The notes are to help you find clues about what the quest you are in and much more. Notes are collectable items that give you more background about the people who are involved in Dying Light’s quests. Collect the Notes around quest locations which can most of the times be found on desks or tables. If you are having difficulties finding them, you can alway use the Night Sense, and look like regular pieces of paper. There are a total of 34 notes in the game, 26 of them can be found in the Slums and 8 in the Old Town. Follow our complete Dying Light Notes Locations Guide to get them all the best tips and strategies on how to acquire all.

TOC: Walkthrough | Zombie Statues Locations | Notes

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