Dying Light Game Blueprints Locations and Crafting Recipes List

Dying Light Blueprints Locations and Crafting Recipes List

In this guide we will provide you with information on how to do crafting and weapons upgrades along with finding blueprints in Dying light. Many of the crafting recipes that you will be doing will be collected during your gameplay, so do explore to find various things in the game and how you will be able to do weapons upgrades. There are many factors that you can do when crafting and upgrading in the game to survive. See below a good list of crafting recipes and blueprints.

TOC: Walkthrough | Zombie Statues Locations | Notes Locations | Battle Journals Locations | Voicemail Recordings | Crafting Guide | Blueprints

Dying Light Blueprints Recipes List and Guide

Alcohol Refrigerators Medical Items
Batteries Toolkits Weapon Upgrades
Chemicals Cabinets, Kitchen Areas Weapon Upgrades
Duct Tape Toolkits, Workshops Weapons and Weapon Upgrades
Electronics Toolkits and Locked Containers High-end crafting recipes
Gauze Medicine Cabinets Medical Items
Home Supplies Dressers, Cabinets Weapon Upgrades
Metal Parts Trash Bins, Dismantled Items Weapon Repairs
Nails Warehouses, Supply Rooms, Dressers Weapons
Plastic Toolkits, Containers Grenades, Bombs, Upgrades
Power Cable Industrial Areas, Warehouses Weapon Upgrades
String Dressers, Simple Containers Thrown Weapons
Tin Can Toolkits, Containers Many Tools
Toxic Plant Cliff Areas Toxic Thrown Weapons and Upgrades
Underwater Algae Coastal Areas (Underwater) Potions
Common Plant Wilderness Areas Medical Items
Fluorescent Mushrooms Caves Special Thrown Weapons
Blade Toolkits Weapons and Weapon Upgrades
Hunter Gland Search Hunter Bodies Special Potion
Bolter Tissue Search Bolter Bodies Valuable and Makes a Special Poison


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