Dying Light Battle Journals Locations Guide

Dying Light Battle Journals Locations Guide will help you find all in the game.

The Dying Light Battle Journals locations guide will help you in finding all the different spots where you can gather all of them in the game. The Battle Journals record the survival diary of a brave young man who tries to hold out as long as he can in the anarchy of Harran. His ideas are clever, and you can learn a great deal by reading them. There are 17 Battle Journals in total that you can locate in the game and 13 in the Slums and 4 in Old Town that you can get to. Follow our guide below in which you can find all the Battle Journals to help you and give you some great tips and tricks on how to survive in Harran.

TOC: Walkthrough | Zombie Statues Locations | Notes Locations | Battle Journals Locations

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