Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Review

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Review will provide you with hands on experience.

dragon ball z for kinect review

Dragon Ball z has been one of the video game series that many player like to play and a very popular TV Series that has been running for decades and still going strong. Well the Kinect takes players to a much more hands on game this time around and puts you closer to the battle against all the Dragon Ball Z Saga fighters.

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If you are a fan of the anime show then you will feel right at home with Dragon Ball Z for Kinect in the game you face off in a total of 4 sagas starting from the Saiyan, Frieza, Android and last but not least Majin Buu with a total of 23 levels or in this case fights which makes this game overall short taking about  less than five hours to beat.

The Visuals are great along with the music and voice acting but it lacks in so many ways and if the game was given another year to work on it could of been the best fighting game for Kinect.

dragon ball z for kinect review

After you beat the story mode there are a few small thing you can do which you can play score attack where you try and beat the score you got during your first playthrough.  You can also use the card reader to scan code into the game for an additional power and health boost and last but not least it features a full length movie which talks about Bardock who became the very first Super Saiyan.

Overall the controls worked 97% of the time  and just suffers from the lack of Story, which will leave new comers confused and not knowing what is going on in the game as for the controls well let’s just say your arms will feel like jelly so you will be leaning left to right to dodge attacks jumping  leaning back and forward along with kicking so you will be very well active in the game.

You are also able to use 2 special attacks charging up half way will allow you to use a special move which will do great damage and filling up the meter will do even greater damage to your opponent and gives you a simple image on the screen to pose in for that attack but like I said it lacks mainly in the campaign/story.

I think if given more time they could have added an additional 23 fights to increase the total length of the game that is way I give Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect a 7/10 and would recommend a major price drop before picking up the game.

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