Dragon Ball Xenoverse How to Farm Dragon Balls Fast

Dragon Ball XenoVerse HOW to FARM DRAGON BALLS FASTEST way to get ALL 7 Dragon Balls

In this guide we will show you how in Dragon Ball Xenoverse you can farm all 7 Dragon Balls the fastest way and make your wish at the end. Below find the steps lay out and the video guide in which shows you step by step to completing the 7 dragon balls and unlocking the The best miracle of the world achievement or trophy in where you Gathered 7 Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron!

TOC: Walkthrough | ReviewDragon Ball Locations | How to Unlock Multiplayer | How to Use Capsules | Farming Dragon Balls

Steps to Farming Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Xenoverse:

-Go to Parallel Quest
-Prepare for attack of the saiyan
-7 dragon needed to make a wish
-You will fight 3 characters and you will get a 4th character to fight who spams randomly.
-Keep doing this until you get a character who will give you the
-Then says you got a material item
-When you get a you got a key item you will need to go fight Gohan and picolo and go through the portal
-You will need to defeath both of them without dying, if you die you will reset everything and wont get the 7 dragon ball to make a wish. —–This can be dome over and over again as many times you want to make a wish.

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