Dragon Age Inquisition Materials Crafting Herbs Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Materials Crafting Herbs Guide

As you advance in Dragon Age inquisition you will be able to craft Herbs as one of the materials in which it will help you to use them in schematics to craft new items. Also herbs are a big item to use as they help you to to craft items as is require in potions.

  • Healing potions, at the top of the radial, are replenished for free automatically, but all other potions require herbs to replenish them.
  • Optimal Cutting: Detailed studies show how to get the maximum usable harvest from each plant. Grants a 10% chance to receive herbs with each harvest
  • Gather herbs, minerals, cloth, and animal hides during your adventures across southern Thedas, then use schematics to craft new items.

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Below you can find the material name and the tier that you will use in Dragon Age Inquisition:

Amrita Vein with Tier 3
Arbor Blessing with Tier 3
Black Lotus with Tier 1
Blood Lotus with Tier 1
Crystal Grace with Tier 1
Dawn Lotus with Tier 1
Deathroot with Tier 2
Deep Mushroom with Tier 2
Dragonthorn with Tier 1
Elfroot with Tier 1
Embrium with Tier 2
Felandaris with Tier 3
Ghoul’s Beard with Tier 2
Prophet’s Laurel with Tier 2
Rashvine with Tier 2
Rashvine Nettle with Tier 2
Royal Elfroot with Tier 1
Spindleweed with Tier 1
Vandal Aria with Tier 3
Witherstalk with Tier 1


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