Dragon Age Inquisition Glyphs Locations Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Glyphs Locations Guide

Our Dragon Age Inquisition Glyphs Locations Guide will help you on finding all in the entire game as you explore the world. As you travel  you will find yourself in areas that can be illuminated by veilfire torches lit by mages. As you use the Veilfire these can reveal hidden glyphs and runes that are on the walls. The Glyphs that you find are codex for entries. Some of the Glyphs that you find contain special recipes for potions that you can create or runes you can create weapons with. Follow our complete Dragon Age Inquisition guide to help you find all the Glyphs in the game.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Glyphs Locations

1. Right Above Landmark The Watcher

The Hissing Wastes – Above the Blocked Doorway Landmark

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