Dragon Age Inquisition Focus Abilities Guide and Tips

Dragon Age Inquisition Focus Abilities Guide and Tips

The Dragon Age Inquisition Focus in the game is resource that is replenishable and carry on their unique focus meter. Focus has a few abilities, one of them is that it used to initiate powerful focus abilities, like the Inquisitor’s Mark of the Rift. These powerful abilities aren’t available until after the Inquisition evacuates Haven.

The Second focus abilities are tied to class specializations. Each party member unlocks a specialization upon reaching Skyhold, and the Inquisitor can choose a specialization by completing trainer quests.

Focus abilities come in 3 tiers with the use of tier 1 and you can then unlock the other 2 tiers in the game after you evacuate haven.

Tips on how to use Focus abilities: Use the abilities in tough fights such as dragons, boss fights. Learn how to manage your focus as you advance in the game.

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Hail of Arrows Artificer You fire so quickly that enemies will swear there are at least two of you putting arrows into their ranks. While this ability is active, any archery ability you use is duplicated.
Thousand Cuts Assassin You choose a target, then dash to and fro—a shadow leaving blood with every leap. After you slice through other nearby foes, you land behind your target, striking deep.
Cloak of Shadows Tempest You go into stealth, and your allies follow your lead. The entire party remains undetected for the duration of the effect, even while attacking.


Counterstrike Champion You push yourself to the limit, gaining full guard and taunting all nearby enemies. While the ability is active, you automatically counter all melee attacks.
Rampage Reaver You’re an unstoppable fury of physical force while this ability is active. Your attacks are harder and faster, and you gain health with each strike.
Rally Templar You inspire your allies to fight harder. Your party’s guard, stamina, and mana build over time, and all party members gain damage resistance against incoming attacks.


Resurgence Knight-Enchanter You call on benign spirits to restore you and your allies for continuing the fight. All party members are healed to full health, including those who have fallen unconscious, and a glyph around you provides ongoing healing to the party for the spell’s duration.
Haste Necromancer You increase the speed of the entire party. While this ability is active, all enemies move and attack more slowly by comparison.
Firestorm Rift Mage You summon flaming meteors, raining fire down upon enemies all over the area for the next several seconds.

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