Dragon Age Inquisition Astrariums Locations Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Astrariums Locations Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition Astrariums locations are through out the entire story of the game in which we provide you with the spots where you can locate them all. Astrariums are strange Tevinter devices strewn about in threes around different locales across Thedas. If you collect 5 of the Astrariums you will unlock the the Stargazer achievement and trophy in the game. Now how do you unlock the rare pieces of gear, well you will need to solve the three astrarium puzzles within locale grants which then will provide you with access. Follow our Dragon Age Inquisition Astrariums locations guide to find all the spots in the game.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Astrariums Locations 

Emerald Graves – 3 Astrariums to find

Constellation: Solium
Constellation: Squinor
Constellation: Eluvia

1. West side of Emerald Graves Map, South of Whiteshadow and north west of Solar Artifacts
2. North of Wolf Falls landmark and west of the Guide landmark
3. North of Silver Fall Landmark or Bottle of thedas location and east of the Lions Pavillion

The Storm Coast – 3 Astrariums to find

Constellation: Servani
Constellation: Fervernial
Constellation: ballitanus

1. Morrin’s Outlook Landmark, to the right of this location
2. Located in The Stone 3 Landmark
3. North of Landmark The Stone 3 and East of Morrin’s Landmark

The Western Approach – 3 Astrariums to find

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