As a faithful follower of the franchise and player old school, I did not feel the same enthusiasm as others when Bethesda showed the first steps of DOOM. In the history of the industry, they have existed many attempts to reintegrate old classics to modern design trend with atrocious results, so the main fear I felt with the new DOOM was the essence that defined the delivery of 90 was lost by full. Such a combination of elements is very difficult to replicate because it was a result of technological limitations of the time and because it would lack the contributions of many personalities which then included in the template id Software. . However, after putting my hands on the final installment of the game, I have to say that id Software succeeded DOOM is safe; it is fresh, innovative in their own way and again relevant. I feel bad for doubting that id Software still be the master of the FPS.

The classic essence of DOOM live in the new adaptation

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DOOM is the modern adaptation of the classic 90’s, who popularized the PC gaming and has millions of followers who worship the almost perfect experience of the first FPS, where fighting waves of demonic enemies at high speed, you manage weapons with juggling and browse by labyrinthine installations with all the attitude of heavy metal. Thus, and 23 years later, id Software returns with the modern version of the franchise with great fanfare; the new DOOM is a first person shooter, with enough elements of the old school to keep happy veterans, mixed with modernism to catch the new generations.

I can say that the classical essence of DOOM live in the new adaptation, but with some modifications. DOOM can be interpreted as a combination of all the universes of id Software: is inspired by the battle of Quake (1996) with the atmosphere of the classic 1993. That is, the enemies of DOOM are harder to break down and that results in a match that looks like a ballet demon where you choose a dam that poses the greatest threat at a time, delete it and continue the frenzy of blood and viscera infernal.

DOOM begins the campaign with the protagonist, the DOOM Marine, chained in a kind of tomb with brands and demonic runes; once you get a gun and starts the festival of viscera. The story has a simple context: in the future, the energy crisis of mankind is solved when the UAC, the evil corporation of the classic games on Mars creates a portal to hell with which you can extract and process Argent Energy. The DOOM Marine comes into play when everything goes to hell and literally, with the help of the director of the UAC, fighting the architect of a demonic – scale invasion.

Here, the real story is about DOOM Marine. DOOM found interesting from the narrative because it is different from the reboot of Wolfenstein; at this point, you could expect replicate the formula id surprised us in 2014, but did not. As you remember, the game Machine Games offers a modern and coherent story with the gameplay, the new release of id Software has a plot unimportant to the game system. DOOM tells the unique story available: you are the DOOM Marine, whose mission hell is kicking ass all eternity. No more no less. In this context, it is interesting to see the entries related to the DOOM Marine Codex within – a menu detailing locations and enemies because their mechanical described as real combat.

Combat is the centerpiece of the crown in DOOM. It’s cool, brutal, extremely fun and effective; in short, great. The fight has no comparison with other recent deliveries because it offers the distilled experience of the old school. Here we must add that the pace of the game is determined by the design of the levels, but sometimes it feels linear, not an unpleasant experience. The levels are very spacious places you can explore to find secret air and upgrades to your armor, and then take a corridor connecting part of the map with a miniarena where the fight happens. This is where DOOM shining in its glory because its components come together masterfully to the beat of heavy metal. You know that a confrontation is looming because cringe guitars and percussions resound; in a moment, the enemies appear and the game begins.

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The combat is fresh and different from other modern hotel where the emphasis is on surrounding enemies and avoid them at all costs. DOOM you rewards and incentives so that you approach the enemy, you download your shotgun into the jaws of a demon, not activate Glory Kill and you continue with the next. This, combined with the high mobility of DOOM Marine and miniarenas design, resulting in one of the best experiences of combat in recent years. In DOOM you must jump, run and keep moving to evade enemy attacks, but also need to be aware of the surroundings, because a moment ‘s hesitation to get stuck in a corner or between two demons, it can mean your death. To some extent, the battle of DOOM technical and emotional as the heavy metal sounds in the background is.

Now let’s see what it is Glory Kill. It is a visceral mechanics with fists you use to remove an enemy of a colorful and bloody manner; what is surprising is that it has the appropriate length to avoid being repetitive or compromising the pace, besides being necessary because use it to kill an enemy you benefit from health orbs.
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the secondary part of combat is the weapons and I’m happy with the variety: from the classic gun – to the powerful double-barreled sawed-off shotgun, submachine gun and rocket launcher tape. They all have a major role, and I assure that you will use because they have ammunition available and the demons that must be fought are too many. In addition, secondary offer shooting modes that unlock with drones scattered across the maps can update fulfilling combat challenges. There will be players who find some more effective secondary modalities, but as a veteran and purist of the genre, just used a handful of updates because the standard armament is simply cash.

I want to talk about the classic chainsaw it can be split into 2 to most enemies so glorious and bloody. At first, it seemed a sacrilege that this item will feature a marker of ammunition to limit its use; however, after testing its role in combat, I found satisfactory decision id Software. It happens that, by eliminating an enemy with a chainsaw, a lot of ammo emerges from her womb; thus, the ballet of blood and guts can continue because the game encourages you to be considerate and not spend all your arsenal, with the premise that you can fill your reservations with the chainsaw. This tool is very effective, especially when you combine it with the Glory Kills.


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it offers multiplayer modes for almost any style of play and I have no complaints because they are classic modes variations by objective and group clashes. In total, there are 6 and the list starts with Team Deathmatch, pure and classic mode gender; Domination immediately is where competitors controlled areas to get points; then Warpath, surely you know as King of the Hill. We also find new features like Soul Harvest, where the first victim of confrontation loose a rune that turns a player into a demon; the goal is to get as many low using the rune.

Finally, there are 2 popular titles sand ways: Clan Arena and Freeze tag. Clan Arena, the teams start with full armor and must work together to eliminate their opponents. The same is true in Freezatag, however, the scoop of the game is that when someone is killed, freezes; thus, an ally can approach to thaw and reintroducing it in combat; team wins the round freezing all his rivals.

Part of progression in multiplayer involves perform well to win countless medals and complete challenges of weapons and game modes. In addition, at the end of each round get cosmetic artifacts to adorn your virtual avatar: from pieces of armor to dye it.
However, the technical aspect of DOOM is what most affects the experience because enter a game is a headache. Errors begin with play lists that do not indicate the number of participants in each, there is a browser and server cannot create a private lobby to invite friends. In this aspect, the multiplayer DOOM is very basic and neglected, which is summarized in a painful experience.

As for the gameplay, there are a couple of red flags for the weapons and Hack Modules are behind the progression system. This entry limits the experience for those just entering the multiplayer and gives the advantage to those who take time to play, an aspect that goes against air Arena trying to give this multiplayer.

DOOM feels like a title accessible Arena and while many compare it with Halo 5: Guardians, has few elements 343 Industries franchise. The gameplay is fast, fluid movement and it is appreciated that there is no regeneration of life or escudos. Victorious adrenaline is constant and motivates you to explore the map to get stacks, i.e., increase health and armor best to mitigate the damage in a clash.

On the other hand, the gimmick-the rune that makes you a demon throws off balance the Multiplayer- component gives you large amounts of health and attacks that destroy the opponent shot, which seems a very cheap gadget and bad taste for multiplayer system that takes good concept of gender Arena.

Anyway, I had fun with the multiplayer half. This section has great potential because it’s fun, accessible and to the point: equipped with a gun and kicks ass; however, it suffers from some design decisions that deviate experience SPF Arena.

Let us now Snap Map, a conglomerate of tools that lets you create maps and different forms online. The device is powerful enough for the community to replicate a form online and create cooperative maps of different hues. For example, there is a map where the sole purpose is to run in a straight line … others where combat is handled by waves and the goal is to survive as much time. Players are just exploring the capabilities of Snap Map, for creating the best maps requires a lot of dedication, but I know that the results will be great. Interestingly, this mode captures the essence of the classic 1993 delivery to enable you to create content, as well as being a good idea by id Software to extend the care you will receive your game. No doubt that in the future large maps of great creative arise.

On the technical side, we are happy with the PC version; the game is a visual gem. The work is masterful shadows and lighting, accentuating the dark atmosphere of DOOM. The only drawback appears in the first scene from hell, because it has a lot of particles floating in the air and that reduces the count of frames per second. However, this is arranged when the quality of the particles decreases and the game continues to deploy about 100 fps High quality -as long as the system meets the requirements recommendations -. Recent reports indicate that the console versions also behave very well, with brands frames per second constant; PlayStation 4 version shows more consistent results. The technical quality is a step forward for id Software after the poor performance showed his previous engine, id Tech 5. The new engine that uses DOOM, id Tech 6 is a technical achievement that we would like to experience again, especially within the Bethesda games.

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Finally, DOOM is an optimistic future of FPS out because it shows that the old – school experiences take place in the modern market. The new release of id Software, although it does not have the charisma of personalities who created the original phenomenon, still standing in its own right and does not ask anything to anyone because it captures the essence of classic 90 with modifications. DOOM is glorious, and it is a primitive visceral experience, in the sense that, when played, we satisfy an instinct that we thought forgotten. However, the title suffers because the multiplayer does not have the same power as the main campaign, perhaps because it was developer by another study (Certain Affinity) and, on the other hand, we think it is still too early to determine the quality experiences which you may deliver Snap Map, but it certainly has potential.

Without further ado, I strongly recommend playing DOOM because he got back in time and capture the essence of the classic FPS and innovate the gaming system with a lethal dose of evisceration and blood. DOOM is everything I hoped for the return of an experience that marked my life as a player.


  • 95%
    GAMEPLAY - 95%
  • 85%
    STORY - 85%
  • 90%
    CONTENT - 90%
  • 95%
    AUDIO - 95%
  • 95%
    GRAPHICS - 95%
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