DMZ how to complete Vigilante Mission Easy

Achieving the goal of collecting two bounties may seem straightforward, but it’s actually quite challenging. Bounties are assigned to actual players who have eliminated a significant number of other operators on the map.

When a real player takes down numerous enemies, they become identifiable by a distinctive light red circle on the map. However, there’s no certainty that they will always show up, as many players choose to engage in combat only when necessary. At times, a bounty might never materialize throughout the entire match.

Spotting a moving red-marked circle on the map? Those are undoubtedly bounties. When aiming to collect these bounties, teaming up with a squad is advisable, considering the targeted player might have a squad accompanying them. This approach significantly facilitates the bounty collection process. For an increased likelihood of encountering bounties, focus on areas like Ashika Island and Vondel, given their smaller size.