The Division Weapons List (Assault Rifle, Shotguns, Marksman Rifle)

The Division Weapons List (Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Marksman Rifles)

The Division weapons list comes with various types of weapons such Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Marksman Rifles, Machine Guns, Side Arms and many more that can be used in the game. What type of weapon is your favorite, what style or type do you like to be in the game. The Division weapons list below will provide you with the various weapons that will be available when the game goes live. This will be a working guide as we get to know more of the various weapons will be posting them below. If you have any weapons that

we have not listed below and would like to help, please leave your comment in the section below, it would be much appreciated.

Now lets get into what we want to know. How many weapons are there in The Division and how to unlock them in the game. For now you will see what weapons will be available in the game. The information of these weapons was gathered from the beta and in game assets that will help you see the various weapons we have available when the game launches for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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The Division Weapon Type / Weapon Name

Assault Rifle AK 47M
Assault Rifle AK 47U
Assault Rifle Liberator
Assault Rifle Caduceus
Assault Rifle ACR
Assault Rifle Classic FAL
Assault Rifle Police M4
Assault Rifle Classic AK-47
Assault Rifle M4
Assault Rifle Military P416
Assault Rifle SCAR-L
Assault Rifle Enhanced ACR-E
Assault Rifle Lightweight M4
Assault Rifle AK 5C
Assault Rifle EMT P416
Assault Rifle Military AK-47M
Assault Rifle Military MK46
Assault Rifle Military SA-58
Assault Rifle Mk16
Assault Rifle P416
Assault Rifle SOCOM SCAR-L
Assault Rifle Survivor AK-47
Assault Rifle Tactical AUG A3P
Assault Rifle Tactical Mk 16
Assault Rifle AUG A3P
Assault Rifle G36
Assault Rifle LVOA-S
Assault Rifle SA-58
Assault Rifle SR-16
Assault Rifle SOCOM SCAR-L
Assault Rifle Tactical ACR
Assault Rifle Ak74 Burst
Assault Rifle Black Market AK-74
Assault Rifle Ak 47
Assault Rifle AUG A3 Para XS
Assault Rifle Custom P416 G3
Submachine Gun Navy MP5 N
Submachine Gun Vector 45 ACP
Submachine Gun Tactical Vector 45 ACP
Submachine Gun Converted SMG-9
Submachine Gun MP5
Submachine Gun MP5 ST
Submachine Gun Converted SMG-9 A2
Submachine Gun Enhanced AUG A3P
Submachine Gun PDW 8
Submachine Gun First Wave Vector 45 ACP
Submachine Gun Police T821
Submachine Gun MP-9
Light Machine Gun Classic RPK-74
Light Machine Gun M249 B
Light Machine Gun Military L86 LSW
Light Machine Gun Classic M60
Light Machine Gun M60E4
Light Machine Gun Tactical M249 Para
Light Machine Gun HK21
Light Machine Gun M60E6
Light Machine Gun MK46
Light Machine Gun BLACK MARKET M60
Light Machine Gun BlacK MARKET M60 E6
Light Machine Gun Blackmarket RPK-74 E
Light Machine Gun Classic RPK-74
Light Machine Gun Custom L82 A2
Light Machine Gun M249 SAW
Light Machine Gun M60 E4
Light Machine Gun Military RPK-74 M
Light Machine Gun RPK-74
Light Machine Gun SA-80 LSW
Shotgun Super 90
Shotgun Double Barrel Shotgun
Shotgun Cassidy
Shotgun M870 Express
Shotgun Military M870
Shotgun SASG-12
Shotgun Custom M870 MCS
Shotgun Blackmarket SASG-12 S
Shotgun Fireman’s Super 90
Shotgun Hunting M870
Shotgun M870
Shotgun Marine Super 90
Shotgun Military M870A
Shotgun Police shotgun
Shotgun SASG-12 K
Shotgun Super 90 SBS
Sidearm First wave M1A
Sidearm 586 Magnum
Sidearm Military M9
Sidearm PX4 Storm Type F
Sidearm Custom PF45
Sidearm Police 686 Magnum
Sidearm 686 Magnum
Sidearm Double Barrel Sawed off
Sidearm Glock 30
Sidearm LFP586
Sidearm M&P 45
Sidearm M45A1
Sidearm PF 45 Gun
Sidearm Custom PF 45 Gun
Sidearm First Wave PF45 Gun
Sidearm Hk9s
Sidearm M45A1
Sidearm Officer’s M9 A1
Sidearm Police pistol
Sidearm px4 Storm
Sidearm Px4 Storm type F
Marksman Rifle Classic M1A
Marksman Rifle Military SCAR-H
Marksman Rifle SOCOM M1A
Marksman Rifle Covert SRS
Marksman Rifle Hunting M44
Marksman Rifle 1891/59 Carbine
Marksman Rifle M110
Marksman Rifle M14
Marksman Rifle Mk 20 SSR
Marksman Rifle PSL
Marksman Rifle SRS A1
Marksman Rifle SRS A1 Covert
Marksman Rifle Police Mk17
Marksman Rifle SOCOM MK20 SSR
Marksman Rifle M82
Marksman Rifle Rammington 700
Marksman Rifle Custom M44
Marksman Rifle DTA SRS Covert


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