The Division Russian Consulate Mission Guide

The Division Russian Consulate Mission Guide will proivde you with tips on completing this mission in which you will need to play as a team and take ads by avoiding them to get too close to you as you progress through the game.

The Division Russian Consulate Mission guide will provide you with tips on completing it.

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Tips on Completing Russian Consulate Mission:

  • Shotgun Rushers will come at you Fast and Strong
  • Stand behind metal detectors and take cover as you kill one by one that comes across the detectors
  • Proceed through rooms and up the stairs and don’t rush
  • Take out the medics so they won’t last too long
  • Try to avoid snipers at all cause and cautiously move through the path

Work as a team, use your turrets to your advantage to slow the ads and try to take one ad as a team.

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