The Division How to Farm high end gear and Phoenix Credits

In this guide will show you in The Division How to Farm high End Gear and Phoenix Credits

The Division high end weapons are a few but you will need to Farm for high end gear and Phoenix credits. One of the easiest ways to find high end weapons in The Division is from the loot crates. In the video below it will show you how easily you can farm for high end gear and phoenix credits in which you can do over and over until you get the desire gear and phoenix credits. Do remember that Phoenix Credit sand rewards do get better as you play the same challenge multiplate times.

TOC: Walkthrough & Stragy GuideEmotes | Skills & Abilities | Character Creation | Dark Zone Keys Locations | Dark Zone Chests Locations | Class Perks, Talents, Skills | Intel Locations | Crating Guide | Base of Operation Guide | Weapons Types | Weapons List | Private & Public Loot | The Division Farming | Gear & Consumables | Blueprints Locations | Vanity Outfits | Becoming Master Craftman |Farming Money | Crashed Drones Locations | How to Unlock Extra Gear | Dark Zone Strategy Guide | Unlimited Crafting Materials | Recalibration Station | Phoenix Credits Currency | Farming Phoenix Credits | Scavenging for High End Loot | How to Become Level 31 | Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint | Amherst’s Aprtment hard  | Madison Field Hospital Hard | What to do after Level 30

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