The Division How to Craft Weapons, Crafting Armor Mods

In this guide will show you in The Division how to craft different items and how the crafting works.

The Division Crafting works well and you are given the crafting items and what is available to craft in the game. Overall the crafting in The Division does make sense and below you will see how each of the sections work. In the Division you will be able to craft weapons, gear, armor, mods, items such gloves, jackets and much more. As you progress through the game you will be collecting from enemies that you kill or items that you find along the way in the game. There is also gear, jackets and many other items that you can get from dark zone chests, some of the items that you get from drops are not the best but they are good to keep so you can use them in crafting a better weapon or a different item that you are wanting.

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How to craft steps:
First you will need to do is get the item you want to craft such as your primary weapon.
Once you select it you will notice that Resource Requirements that you need to craft the weapon

Crafting Sources:
You have Blue, Green, gray, purple and yellow. When you dismantle a weapon it all depends which color you get is the items that you will get when you dismantle it. In the game you will be able to loot or acquire the different items.

Materials Conversion:
The Materials conversion crafting allows you to craft lower tier items in the game to higher one and allowing you to get higher items to craft instead of desmantling a higher weapon or items for parts. Is very useful when you don’t have the right parts in the game and you combine identical color items together to get a high one. So if you do two greens you can get a blue one that is higher.

If you have any blueprints in the game you will be able to unlock and craft legendary materials or items, weapons but will provide you with locations where to find the blueprints.

Once you have all the parts that you need all you need to do is just craft the items.

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