The Division Base of OPerations Guide what you need to know

The Division Base of Operations Guide will provide you  with what you need to know

In this guide will go over The Division base of operations and what you will need to know in the game and how each of the safe houses benefit you as you advance in the game. The Base of Operations allows players to establish a safe haven for themselves and other people within the game, such as NPCs. At the beginning of the game you will first need to unlock the safe house  or base of operations that is located. In the Base of Operations you will see that is broken down into 3 wings that will required to be unlocked and upgraded. Players can return for upgrades,ammo and med kits and can escort civilians here for protection. Each wing requires unlocking, and then upgrading to advance the Base Restoration or total overall upgrade percentage to completion for the wing.

The Base of Operations is the player’s fortress in the wilderness, a personal space and mirror of the progress of taking back NY. By restoring the wings, players get access to new skills, skill mods and talents.

The Base of Operations consists of three wings: Medical, Security, and Tech

Once upgraded,it will  provide one or more Perks, Skills, or Talents for the player, as well as making cosmetic changes to the wing and the base overall.

TOC: Walkthrough & Stragy GuideEmotes | Skills & Abilities | Character Creation | Dark Zone Keys Locations | Dark Zone Chests Locations | Class Perks, Talents, Skills | Intel Locations | Crating Guide | Base of Operation Guide | Weapons Types | Weapons List | Private & Public Loot | The Division Farming | Gear & Consumables | Blueprints Locations | Vanity Outfits | Becoming Master Craftman |Farming Money | Crashed Drones Locations | How to Unlock Extra Gear | Dark Zone Strategy Guide | Unlimited Crafting Materials | Recalibration Station | Phoenix Credits Currency | Farming Phoenix Credits | Scavenging for High End Loot

The Division Medical Wing

Upgrades: Medical Wing


perk skill talent
Clinic 500 Medical Medkits First Aid
Virus Lab 500 Medical Protective Measures Support Station
Disaster Aid 1000 Medical Canned Food
Recovery Link
Quarantine 400 Medical Contamination Intel Pulse Mods
Intensive Care 400 Medical Medkits
Hazmat Unit 400 Medical Protective Measures
Decontamination Unit 200 Medical Hazardous Materials Adrenaline
Pharmacy 200 Medical Rigger
Protective Measures
Shock and Awe
Battle Buddy
Counseling 200 Medical Credit Critical Save
Pediatric Care 200 Medical Medkits

The Division Security Wing

Upgrades: Security Wing


perk skill talent
Canine Unit Intel Discovery Repo Reaper
One is None
Situation Room Experienced Agent Smart Cover
Armory Grenades
Advanced Weaponry
Mobile Cover
Shooting Range Shooting Range Stopping Power
Desperate Times
Barracks Combat Veteran Survivor Link
Dark Zone Ops Hazardous Materials
Black Market Vendor
Supply Line Clothes Vendor
Gunsmith Gunsmith
Explosive Bullets
Procurement Team Scavenger Steady Hands
On the Move
Guard Posts Special Ammo
Incendiary Bullets
Chain Reaction

The Division Tech Wing

Upgrades: Tech Wing


perk skill talent
Control Room 400 Tech Inventory Turret
Division Tech  ? Tech Engineer
Division Tech Materials
Tactical Link
Communications  ? Tech Hazardous Materials Seeker Mine
Central Heating  ? Tech Energy Bar Tactical Advance
Demolition Expert
SatComms  ? Tech Resource Assessment Police Up
Fear Tactics
Recalibration  ? Tech Stat Switch Evasive Action
Tech Support
Recharge Center  ? Tech Dark Zone Funds Death by Proxy
Field Engineering  ? Tech Craftsman
Water Purification  ? Tech Water
Generators 400 Tech Soda Sticky Bomb Mods

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