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Which path will you choose? Dishonored, developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks takes us to the world of Dunwall. A steam punk inspired world where you play as Corvo Attone, protector of the empress. You soon find out that in this world, nothing is at it seems.

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dishonored review

The story of Dishonored is either one of revenge or redemption, the outcome is completely up to you. The game has multiple endings that depend on how you go about your play through. If you decide you want to kill anything in your way you can expect a worse ending than if you limit your carnage.

Dishonored wants you to play it as you see fit. You want to go through the entire game without killing anyone? You are encouraged to. You want to brutally murder anyone who gets in your way? You can do that too. The choices Dishonored presents to you are made to fit whatever style of play you are more comfortable with. The game wants you to experiment and find out what works best for you. If you aren’t having any luck going through a mission a certain way there are always options for you. The front door is usually guarded and is probably for those with a more direct approach but you can always use vents, sewers, roofs or even some of your powers to get to where you need to go.


Bone Charms Locations
Sokolov paintings Locations
Rune Locations 


The powers available to you really make you feel like a master assassin. You have the ability to see through walls in order to plan out a careful attack, possess animals (or even other humans) to get through a group of enemies, teleport from one area to another to make a quick getaway, along with many more. All your powers and weapons are upgradable and by the end of the game you really feel like nothing can touch you. If you have played Bioshock before you will be right at home with the controls. You get a power or secondary weapon on your left hand and a sword on your right. Using the LT and RT buttons feels natural when in combat. The game encourages replayability as well. There are tons of collectibles to find and books scattered throughout the world expand the fiction of the world. After you complete the game you are able to select which mission you want to play again and try getting through it in a completely different way than you did before.

Dishonored is one of the best games of the year and definitely one everyone should check out. The combat is great, the story will keep you going, and has tons of replayability. The main story took me about 12-14 hours but can take you a lot longer if you decide to do every side task, find every collectible, and try not to ever get spotted. I am sure Dishonored will be on everyone’s minds in a few months when the best games of the year start being discussed.


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