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The genre first – person stealth flourished and died a decade with the same exponents that gave life and rose to cult status makes; with Thief (1998) as the prime example, very few deliveries were commissioned to innovate the formula. However, with the arrival of Dishonored in 2012, courtesy of Arkane Studios, the picture changed to one of hope but tinged with uncertainty because delivery presented some design problems that marred the final experience. Now, with Dishonored 2, Arkane aims to correct the mistakes of the past, enrich the original formula and renew the neglected genre.

Dishonored 2 is located in a dystopian steampunk fantasy city with dyes (wink, wink, Thief). As an actor, you have supernatural abilities of stealth and combat, as well as mechanical to strike deadly blows at preset targets important tools. Your mission is to be a ghost or a monster that left corpses in their wake. Which prefer?

Thus, Dishonored 2 is a direct sequel to the 2012 title; 15 years have passed since the events of the original and found Emily Kaldwin occupies the throne attano Corvo restored after the assassination of the Empress. However, during this period of apparent calm, it has set an evil that will consume the new realm with the introduction of illegitimate heir to the Empire of the Islands.

After the coup that gives rise to the story can continue as Corvo or Emily, which represents 2 unique game styles that are an excuse-between many- to visit more than 1 time per title. Both share combat moves and agility as jumping and running and are different in the variety of supernatural powers and come employing vacuum (Void in English). Corvo is adept in the art of murder with skills to slow down and stop time, and call possess rodents and even teleport short distances to position nimbly over their enemies and prepare the next shot. Emily, meanwhile, exploits the domain of mind with skills to alter the reality of their enemies, distract them with illusions of herself and hook from a distance to finish them.



Corvo reaches the next installment with the same set of skills you remember the original with some modifications. However, radical change for the franchise comes with Emily, who presents an exquisite set of skills with excellent design. One of these is Doppelganger and its function is to create a clone of Emily flee initially but later can fight and even multiply. This tool has combat roles, but we found it more useful for stealth when you summon one that amuses the guards while escape unnoticed in the shadows.

Another power that is used Emily Domino and its function is to link up to 4 enemies who will suffer the same; ie by linking a group and shoot in the head of an individual, the rest will die instantly. This effect is suitable for situations of true creativity, for example, is valid to use Domino in a group to kill everyone, but if your goal is a non-lethal approach, you can link the enemies with a Doppelganger to strangle copy and leave unconscious at all.


The game system is for fans of first-person stealth, a delicacy in every way. The world cries that play countless times to try new exploits where it is possible to use any and all of the tools and skills available. With Corvo our approach was lethal: take this passive skill that becomes ash enemies and power to slow down time, take our time to calculate and execute accurate and decisive blows after scrutinizing the scenario considering the patrol routes of the enemy. We also went adventurous, preferring the murder with the sword; it was necessary to observe the enemy and pay attention to the sound before using Blink and execute.


The game system is a delicacy in every way

However, it is not the only way to play and this is the great value of Dishonored 2 because it offers unique experiences for each form of gambling. Our approach was lethal, others may prefer the full stealth that can be achieved thanks to the variety of tools. Others will find glory with mechanical devices such as crossbow, grenades and traps that can update plans finding secrets. In addition, the game offers the opportunity to be a battlefield when you choose to assault directly to each guard and take advantage of melee movements. In Dishonored 2 all forms of play is feasible and are free to do whatever you want.

Dishonored 2 is a game with a decelerated pace that requires exploration and patience to overcome any obstacle. In this regard we believe that stealth is a complete success because the sequences feel like puzzles challenge rather tedious and slow moments. It also offers incentives to conclude the story with both protagonists and later could be interesting finish without eliminating an opponent. The more daring may choose the type of steel and blood, no supernatural powers, like his predecessors in the late 90. The result is a title that offers dozens of hours of fun and entertainment (finish it first took us all about 18 hours).

A third main character in Dishonored 2: the stage. The game features locations full of elements to explore to take advantage of the game system and found it amazing the ease with which the character to sail, navigate and take advantage of the verticality of levels. Most enjoyable are the sound tools, such as alarm clocks and crystals that you use to create opportunities you seize to be a ghost or a demon who leaves his step inert bodies.

The scenarios are perceived as real locations rather than play areas

The level design is exemplary and memorable; the scenarios are perceived as real rather than play areas themed challenges locations; visit the old Solarium involves exploring the terraces and bedrooms; Real Conservatory is a visit to a mysterious museum, warehouses, archives, offices and exhibition areas. However, the mission that the prize is a visit to the mansion KirinJindosh, eccentric and inventor. This location offers luxurious rooms with fine details with an important feature: by activating a switch, walls, floors and furniture change position in the manner as would a Rubik’s cube, reconfiguring the mansion in seconds to reveal hidden areas. If you’re quick, you can evade part of the mansion exploring the space between the walls and gears that change the scenario. Certainly a mission with a great design and impact that will stay with us a long time.



Part of the charm of the stage is the exploration opportunity that rewards the curious player. When you investigate and take time to review each platform corner, you find bone fetishes that are used to acquire supernatural powers; on other occasions, chatting enemies and release essential clues to complete the mission or easily differently, as well as texts and scrolls with stories that give context to the world of Dishonored 2 .

Moreover, Dishonored 2 questions the style of play in 2 shades: good (nonlethal) and bad (lethal), however, the trial is not extreme as in the first installment and consequences during the game are barely noticeable. Examples are some dialogues between guards and civilians with dark shades, environmental narrative locations with equally dark and key to the story taking a pessimistic air when the level of chaos is high time the protagonist. Here, we appreciate the freedom to play as we wish without receiving a whimsical look by the developer; in Dishonored 2 the world is yours and do with it whatever you want.

Technically, the Xbox One of Dishonored 2 ( the subject of this review) leaves much to be desired despite its peculiar direction semi realistic art because it looks fatal and seems to use a dirt filter that darkens and fades for details distance. Everything indicates that the graphics engine applies a quality degradation in relation to the distance of objects and aggressively scale the resolution to maintain good performance; the result is repugnant pixels, soapy textures and jagged edges.

Meanwhile, the department -crucial sound for delivery – is barely enough. The simulation is inadequate, which results in an atmosphere half with a bad equalization footsteps of enemies and dialogues that instantly disappear despite hear loud and clear a second before. The offenses are serious, but the experience is not interrupted at any time and this is due to the challenging style of play and depth of mechanical; most likely it is that you adapt quickly to continue the experience.


Dishonored 2 is an enhancement of the original delivery in any way and we think that could be established as a benchmark for the genre of first – person stealth, however, still it falls short of what Thief II established over a decade ago. The great success of Dishonored 2 is to deliver a reward for each style of game that encourages you to perform new feats and return to the world again and again. I’m already planning my new path game, now powerless.

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