NIS America continues to work on the debut of Disgaea 5 Complete for Switch. If you wait for the release of this game, we have good news, as a trial version of Disgaea 5 Complete is now available for the Nintendo console. In case you do not know, this version of Disgaea 5 will be slightly different from Alliance of Vengeance, available on PlayStation 4, as it will include all the DLC that came to the Sony console.

Disgaea 5 Complete is a strategy game that tells the story of Killia, a young man who will fight against the forces of Void Dark. Thanks to the demo, you will be able to know the basic mechanics, as well as the first details of the game’s history. If you are interested in the title, do not waste more time and prepare your console, since you will need 999 MB of free space to be able to download the trial version.

Disgaea 5 Complete is currently available in Japan. The title will debut in America next May 23, while Europe will arrive on the 26th of the same month.

Disgaea 5 Complete will include 4 additional characters, 8 zones and 3 new character classes from the Alliance of Vengeance standard edition , so this version of the game is ideal for you if you have not previously played the series.

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