Diablo 3 Secondary Active Skills Guide

This is the Diablo 3 secondary  active skills that you will at some time of the game available to use. See below for all the details on secondary active skills:

Diablo 3 Secondary Active Skills

Level: 2
Skill: Hammer of the Ancients
Cost: 20 Fury
Call forth a massive hammer to smash enemies directly in front of you for 200% weapon damage. Hammer of the Ancients has a 5% increased Critical Hit Chance.

Level: 5
Skill: Rend
Cost: 20 Fury
A sweeping strike causes all nearby enemies to Bleed for 210% weapon damage as Physical over 3 seconds.

Level: 12

Skill: Seismic Slam
Cost: 30 Fury
Slam the ground and cause a wave of destruction that deals 155% weapon damage and Knockback to targets in a 45 yard arc.


Cost: 16 Fury
Deliver multiple attacks to everything in your path for 110% weapon damage.


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