Diablo 3 Monk Walkthrough Strategy Guide (PC)

Diablo 3 comes with five different types of classes that you can fight with in the following you will see the Diablo 3 Monk Walkthrough that will guide you through all the different types of acts and sections of the game and give you tips on the skills and martial arts along with his speed that he is able to do through out the entire playthrough.

The Monk is one of the deadliest fighters as with his fighting techniques and ability to do melee attacks can take on more than one enemy at once.  Watch the complete walkthrough to be able to manage your different types of resources, how to loot items and level up using the perk system in the game. When using the monk you will have followers that will fight, heal and defend you along your journey, only one follower can be with you at one time but you can use them all. Explore the entire world by taking a look at the Diablo 3 Monk Walkthrough for tips and hints to completing your own playthrough and using all his abilities.

Diablo 3 Monk Walkthrough Strategy Guide

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