Diablo 3 Beta Auction House and Preview

The Diablo 3 video game will introduce auction  house where players can buy and sell internally and externally.  When I mean internally, you will be able to use you own video game money to buy and sell items there in the game at whatever price you want. Now externally is when you sell items with real money, like dollars, euros, rubles and much more. Blizzard will not be involved in choosing how to do this besides putting basic rules but is more upto the gamer how much he would like to sell and pay.

"The benefit of an auction house is that players can put items up for sale in an automated system. They need not be present to sell their item or spam ads about their item in the chat channels. It's also easier to find items you want to trade for, since other players don't have to be online. The Auction House is restricted between SC (Softcore) characters, and HC (Hardcore) characters."

Now any questions that you may have about the money in diablo 3 will be handled by a 3rd party, who will be in charge of this and Blizzard will have no saying on this. So what will happen to the money if for a reason it can't be claim by any natural problem?


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