Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ebooks locations

In this guide will show you where to find all the Deus ex: Mankind Divided eBooks locations in the game that will help you advance through the game as you progress through it and move through the different levels in the game and complete different missions and tasks. The ebooks are electronic date pads that hold snippets of literature and lore of the Deus Ex Universe. The ebooks tell a lot of information about the different locations through the game. As you find the ebooks in the game and collect them you will gain Exp bonus and unlock the Table Collector in the game.

An eBook is an electronic storage device used in 2027 to record and display text. It is an ancestor of the data cube, which is used in 2052 and has, in addition to text, the ability to store images.

DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDED: All Collectibles Dubai Collectibles, eBooks

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