an online news portal leaked the existence of a new installment of the series Deus Ex called Divided Mankind .The announcement is related to the official stream of Twitch of Square Enix, but the information was obtained early by dataminers specialized Russians.

The game will see the return of Adam Jensen, star of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and the plot will focus on how society was divided into castes due to the appearance of augmented and non-augmented humans. The title will occur in various parts of the world, especially in Czech Republic, where Jensen must confront the coalition members for the Rights of Human Augments.

As for the plot, it appears that none of the late Human Revolution is canon, and the game will present you new members to your team. However, the rest of the details are unknown. Moreover, the gameplay will also change: there will be 2 types of enemies, solitary and in groups, so stealth is more important than ever. Adam will have new implants that allow you to see through walls and even use computers remotely. Also, the powerful cyborg will have a new arsenal at your disposal, including fire their implants sword like crossbows, use nanoescudos and more.

As usual in the franchise, the game will have ways and different consequences. In addition, it attempts to return to the original decision scheme in which minimum gameplay elections could affect the development of history and the events that are in the game. Developing Human Revolution is run by Eidos Montreal and will be announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year, perhaps at the end of the stream of Square Enix.

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