Destiny When Does Variks Summons You for Elder Cipher Bounty

Destiny When Does Variks Summons You for Elder Cipher Bounty Guide

In this guide it will show you and answer the question, How do I know when Variks summons me for the elder cipher bounty? Well to do this is first of all you will need to wait for a period of time of 24 hours and up to 96 hours or 1 to 4 days of a wait time. This wait time has many guardians discourage and thinking that they will not get to complete their Destiny Elder Cipher Bounty.

After you wait the necessary time that Variks decides which you will never get a message but the way to know is by going to The Reef and you will see an exclamation point on top of Variks head and cryptarch, but you will head to Variks first and then follow what he asks from you.  Also Take a look at our complete coverage for Destiny House of Wolves, Prison of Elders, Bounties, Quests, Cipher Bounty Guide and SUBSCRIBE TO Laserbolt YouTube Channel for any video on HOW.

Kill Bosses in the Arena. Challenge bosses are worth more. Elder cipher is fixed. but locked take this to arena defeat foes. Cipher will Watch. Cipher will Judge and we become as kells, yes?

Also take a look at the video below from LaserBolt who explains how the summons from Variks works and takes us through all the different steps:

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