Destiny: What are Mote of Light, it increases your level 20 Guardian to more

Destiny: What are Mote of Light, it increases your level 20 guardian to a higher level beyond 20.

You begin earning Mote of Light at Level 20. Each time you would normally gain a level from experience at Level 20, you are instead granted a Mote of Light.  They can be used to purchase legendary items such as Warlock Bonds,Hunter Cloaks, and Titan Badges from The Speaker.  Mote of light help you level up to the next level beyond level 20. 

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When you reach level 20 and you earn XP it now creates motes of light.  So now how do you increase from Level 20 where it seems that you have reached cap? Well now we get into light and the more light you have the more you can increase your level beyond 20.

Now the idea behind getting more light in Destiny is as follow: The more light you have the better chance you have to level up beyond level 20, so if you are at level 20 with no light armor and you go against an enemy who’s level is like at 24 then you will not be doing full damage on the enemy. If you now put some light armor on, like helmet or chest then now it will help you increase if your light is higher than 20. So if you put on a helmet that has level 32 then you can increase your armor from level 20 to maybe level 24 and you can now do 100% damage on your enemy and defeat them quickly.

The Speaker in the Tower desires this special and precious type of currency, so you can trade them with him for various rewards such as light armor.

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