Destiny Weekly Heroic Strike Mission getting Matchmaking

As of today, it has been announced by Bungie that Destiny will be getting Matchmaking for the Weekly Heroic Strike mission, which should help players find others to completing the mission. See below what Bungie had to say.

If you didn’t know anything about Destiny, I’d look earnestly into camera, cock an eyebrow, and tell you that Strikes are one of the primary cooperative activities in Destiny. Kick some alien ass. Earn some rewards. Do it all in the company of friends or complete and total strangers via matchmaking.
But you don’t need to hear that from me. You’ve played your share of Strikes. Your alien ass kicking comes with a side of gameplay modifiers and Strange Coins. All the while, to ensure you’ve been fighting alongside Guardians as battletested as yourself, we suspended matchmaking.


As part of 1.1.1, we’re changing the Weekly Heroic Strike to be a matchmade activity.


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