Destiny Weapon Drop Locations (Tower Vendors)

Destiny Weapon Drop Locations can help you find the different locations and what is good for in the game. In destiny there are many weapons that you can use, but where can you find all these type of weapons? Well in our strategy guide we help you find all Destiny Weapon Drop Locations. Below you can find a complete list of all the weapons that you can find in the tower vendors and one thing to have in mind is that Legendary crucible vendor items can drop in PvP and vanguard vendor items con drop in strikes. Also, when you rank up and receive items from factional vendor you can earn items they sell.

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Destiny Tower Vendors Weapon Drop locations (all weapons are provided by Crucible Quartermaster vendor in Legendary)

Weapon Archetype Name Description
Auto Rifle Precise Grim Citizen III The grief and horror of Twilight Gap
Auto Rifle Rapid Hex Caster ARC Tengine of devastation slumbers within waiting for a worthy finger on the trigger
Hard Cannon Precise Lord High Fixer The lord will hold court today
Pulse Rifle Marksman Fair and Square A formidable burst fire precision rifle custom rigged for crucible combat. Scrupulously devoted to fair play
Pulse Rifle Balanced Strange Suspects Certainly not one of the usual suspects
Scout Rifle Balanced Cryptic Dragon Those who doubt the existence of dragons are always the firs devoured.
Scout Rifle Marksman The Aries Nemesis X4 Killing’s never just business you have to make it personal. Keep the hate close
Fusion Rifle Powerful 77 Wizard The exo called gaunt is a gunsmith famous for his wizards
Shotgun Light weight Invisible Hand M7 Built so light, it sometimes feels like its not even there
Sniper Rifle Precise Final Boss Become a monster


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