Destiny Vault of Glass Raid How to pass Stage One Guide

In the following guide we show you simple ways in which you can complete stage 1 for Destiny Vault of Glass Raid. This tips, tricks, strategy and special instructions will help you on how you can pass Destiny Vault of Glass Raid stage one. See below how you can complete the stage one of Destiny Raid.

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Puzzle #1: This is how you can Open the door or gate. As you enter the first boss are you will see 3 zones one to the left, the right and directly below the big door.

Object: Activate and defend all 3 zones at once to raise a spire and opens door.

Best Strategy: Break Teams in to 3 groups. Two per zone to be able to defend area and raise the laser to open the door or gate.

Tip: All 3 groups have to step in the red zones at the same time to raise white wall or barrier in zones. Then you will see a message “the spire is forming”.

Difficult Part: Groups of vex will spawn from 2 different locations at each zone, the spawn with either be a very difficult Minotaur or about 3 hobgoblins and 3 goblins. The tough ones are the Minotaur, bring down their shield then bring them down with heavy weapons. Hobgoblins and goblins are more simple to destroy. Protect your zone at all means by using different tactics so the white or shield in each circle stays up. Keep this up wave after wave and you don’t need to stand inside the circle for it to be up, as long as you don’t let the vex come in it until the spire is formed then enter the Vault of Glass.

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