Destiny Vault of Glass Strategy Guide Step by Step, most effective way

Destiny Vault of Glass Strategy Guide Step by Step, most effective way

Our Destiny Vault of Glass strategy guide will provide you with eight different step by step in which we broke down to help you the most effective way to completing the raid.

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Step 1: Capture & Hold Vex Control Plates

KEY: Hold 3 Control Plates till the Spire has formed to open the first door. Simple enough? If you are rocking a team of all 29’s then this part takes about 5 minutes. If that. If you are lower levels I will explain to you my teams strategy and hopefully this works for you.

Place your two strongest players at the center plate. The middle enables them to assist both sides while covering mid. Close combat is the best thing to do, so using a shutgun or a heavy weapons that does big damage is ideal.

Communicate when you see the Praetorian when you see them, let your team know when you need help. Communication is the key as you protect the vex control plates.

Time to complete 5 to 20 minutes (depends on your Guardian Level)

Step 2: Defend Conflux

Keep team you had in covering the vex control plates in step 1. Use fusion rifle or a sniper. Split teams in to 2 and keep comunicating with one another. Stay alive, your life is more valuable to completing the steps than you dying. So if you get hit badly then step back until you get your energy back.

When the conflux disappears there will be a massive surge of fanatics up through the center. Make sure you bring your team center to push back this surge. Next step, split into 2 teams of three

Step 3: Oracles

You will see seven possible oracle spawn locations From the back left corner, one person will have eyes on Four of these locations,

Place player who is the stronger members there to watch your back, and take out the minotaurs that spawn. Clear the Oracles and then go to hob con. As soon as you clear the oracles, start looking for the hob-goblins because they will spawn and they will wipe you out relatively quickly.

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