Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Walkthrough will guide you through the entire mode and give you the best strategy to completing it.

Our Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Walkthrough will take you through the entire raid mode in which we provide you our best strategy guide on how to complete it. As we go through the raid mode in Destiny we will gather all the tips and tricks that we come across, our best strategy will help you advance in the vault of glass raid mode and we will provide you with the different weapons, locations and armor guide that are best to be more effective and how to get through this puzzle that we find to make it easy for you to complete or at least give you an idea on how to play Destiny vault of glass Raid.
Guardians in your Fireteam will need to be Level 26. One great tip is that you will need to work together as one so having the right Fireteam is a must and better configure your loadouts to be at the best level with enough power to take on the raid mode. The Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Walkthrough will provide you with two different types of difficult modes.  The difficulites are normal and hard, Normal mode is about learning the mechanics, working together as a team and building strategies to overcome the encounters. Once you complete the Normal mode you will have the change to take on the hard mode and this is where it gets toughs but we are here to help you and give you the best destiny raid tips, tricks and much more.
Level 26 Raid Beneath Venus Evil Stirs.
Rewards: Raid Set Gear and Ascendant Materials
Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Walkthrough
Part 1 Opening the Vault of Glass Part 2 Tips on how to open vault of glass raid Part 3 How to open Vault of Glass Raid Puzzle COMPLETE RAID WALKTHORUGH
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