Destiny Trials of Osiris Armor Emblems Rewards

Destiny Trials of Osiris comes with armor in which you can unlock by participating in the game mode and depending how well you do your reward will be. Example, if you go on a 3v3 and last more than 10 matches then your reward would be much better and you can unlock a better armor for your guardians. Also to be able to take part of Trials of Osiris you will need to spend one mote of light in which it will help you to enter and it will last you until you loose your third time. After you loose for the third time you will then need to spend another mote of light to re-enter the Destiny Trials of Osiris.

Below find a complete list of Armor, Emblems, Shades, Sparrows that you will unlock and a guide on what you will need to do to acquire them from Destiny Trials of Osiris. Have in mind, that the better your win streak the better the reward would be.


Hunter Titan Warlock
Sidhe Sign Helm Imperieuse Helm Holocide Helm
Cover of the Exile Helm of the Exile Hood of the Exile
Watchers’ Cover Watchers’ Helm Watchers’ Hood
Grips of the Exile Gauntlets of the Exile Gloves of the Exile
Watchers’ Grips Watchers’ Gauntlets Watchers’ Gloves
Vest of the Exile Plate of the Exile Robe of the Exile
Watchers’ Vest Watchers’ Plate Watchers’ Robe
Boots of the Exile Greaves of the Exile Legs of the Exile
Watchers’ Boots Watchers’ Greaves Watchers’ Boots
Cloak of the Exile Mark of the Exile Bond of the Exile
Watchers’ Cloak Watchers’ Mark Watchers’ Bond



  • SV7 Lightbearer – Legendary Sparrow
  • SV7 War Runner
  • S-13 Graverobber


  • Sun of Osiris
  • Moon of Osiris
  • Eye of Osiris
  • Emperor Sigil


  • Eye of the Mad God
  • The Eye

Other Rewards

  • Ascendant Shard
  • Ascendant Energy
  • Crucible Marks


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