Destiny Three Armor Stats Tutorial Guide

In the following guide will show you how Destiny Three Armor Stats works and how you can best use it to help you in upgrading your armor different stats and much more. Armor also boosts your three Armor stats: Discipline, Intellect, and Strength. And finally, armor provides you with access to armor-only mods.

The total stat bonus on your armor for any given stat is translated into a percentage bonus. This percentage bonus caps at 100%, though it is possible to go beyond 100% in total across the three stats (for example, a 50% bonus from Discipline, Intellect, and Strength, or a 100% bonus from one stat and 50% from another).

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Exactly how high can you get? That depends entirely on the quality and level of your armor. While player levels cap at 20, there is more powerful gear to be found out there, and a full set of Legendary armor with an Exotic armor piece can get you quite a stat bump.

Armor stats are a simple numeric bonus, such as “+5 to Discipline” or “+30 to Discipline and Strength” on higher-level armor. However, what the number actually does for you depends on your level. At Level 5, 20 points of Strength can give you a bigger boost than at Level 10 or Level 15.

All stats are translated to a percentage boost to one of your recharge timers: grenades, melee, or super. To see this bonus in the game, move your cursor over the stat on your Inventory screen. The takeaway here is pretty simple: to keep your bonuses strong (and growing), you must upgrade your gear as you level.

Armor can boost a single stat, or it may boost two. This gives you the option to focus your armor toward maximizing one recharge timer or splitting it between a few. Choose whichever option best suits your build and your personal preference.

Discipline: Reduces grenade cooldown time.

A high Discipline value is helpful if you use grenades frequently, especially if your Class build is focused on grenade usage. Grenades are extremely useful in both PvE and PvP.

Intellect:Reduces super cooldown time.

Your super is a very powerful tool in more difficult PvE missions, and always in PvP. Whether you choose to boost your super recharge rate over your grenades or melee depends largely on how your Class spec is configured.

Strength: Reduces melee cooldown time.

For the brawlers among you, a high Strength score can give you access to extremely fast full-power melee strikes. This is very powerful in PvP for close-range combat.Note that a Bladedancer Hunter has a mod that cuts her melee recharge time down to almost nothing.

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