Destiny The Elder Cipher Bounty Walkthrough

Destiny The Elder Cipher Bounty Walkthrough will guide on what you need to do to unlock it.

Destiny The Elder Cipher Bounty walkthrough guides you from the beginning till then end on what you need to do to unlock it and complete it. What you will need to do is participate in the Prison of Elders at either Level 34 or Level 35 and the bounty will be spawning randomly once you gather enough points in the activity. Once you complete the bounty it will reward you with some exotic weapons and you will need to complete the bounty in the following steps and will reward you with the Lord of Wolves, Queenbreakers’ Bow or Dreg’s Promise and is a random reward that you will get.

The Elder Cipher Bounty Guide (VIDEO)

Steps to completing the Destiny Cipher Bounty and getting your exotic weapons:

Step 1
Task: Take the Elder Cipher to Variks in the Reef.

Pick 1 of 3 Exotic Weapons: Dreg’s Promise, Lord of Wolves or Queenbreakers’ Bow. Players will have a choice to confirm their decisions at the end of the bounty.

Step 2
Task: Acquire the Queen’s Cipher from the Queen’s Chest in an Arena Challenge.

Obtain the Queen’s Cipher as a random drop from a Large Chest with a Treasure Key in PoE Challenge Modes. Players can obtain this item from any level of PoE (28/32/34/35).

Step 3
Task: Return Queen’s Cipher to Variks.

Step 4
Task: Variks will summon you once the Elder Cipher is ready.

Wait anywhere from 24 – 72 hours.

Step 5
Task: Kill Bosses in the Arena. Challenge Bosses are worth more.

1000 points are needed. Level 28 bosses 75 points each. Level 32 bosses are 75 points each (150 points total). Level 34 bosses are 250 points each. In level 35, Skolas is 450 points, Servitor boss before Skolas is 100 points (550 points total).

Step 6
Task: Return to Variks in the Reef.

You get to confirm your selection of Lord of Wolves, Dreg’s Promise or Queenbreakers’ Bow.

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