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Destiny The Dark Below Weapons Upgrade Perks Guide – GamerFuzion

Destiny The Dark Below Weapons Upgrade Perks Guide

Destiny The Dark Below Weapons Upgrade Perks Guide

Here is a complete list of Weapons upgrade perks that will be available for Destiny The Dark Below when is released. Some of the upgrade perks are quite powerful such as the Hive Disruptor in which it will deal a stronger damage to hive enemies.

Weapon Upgrades are addons that enhance or customize the stats and attributes of the weapons. Uncommon or rarer weapons gain Experience Points when players use the weapons. As the weapons gain EXP, upgrades will be unlocked. Players can “learn” these upgrades by spending certain currencies such as Glimmer.

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Destiny The Dark Below Weapons Upgrade Perks Guide

  • Higher rarity weapons have more upgrades. Exotic weapons have unique upgrades.
  • Dark Breaker – Projectiles will over penetrate through Hive Knight Wall of Darkness.
  • Target Mark – Enemies hit by this weapon are briefly highlighted.
  • Hive Disruptor – This weapon deals bonus damage to stronger Hive enemies.
  • Lifestealer – Three rapid kills in succession will heal a small amount and start shield regeneration.
  • White Nail – Three consecutive precision hits in rapid succession will refill the mag.
  • Crota’s Pet – Three rapid precision hits will return one round to the mag.
  • Lich Bane – Projectiles have a chance to disorient Hive Wizards.

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