Destiny The Court of Oryx Walkthrough Guide The Taken King

Destiny The Court of Oryx Walkthrough Guide will help you on completing it and unlocking the next quest.

Our Destiny The Court of Oryx Quest Walkthrough and Guide will help you on getting through all the different activities that will need to be completed for you to get closer to unlocking the Dreadnaught and continue onto the game and start getting all your different type of achievements or trophies completing along with collecting the different type of loot drops, unlockables, weapons, gear and much more that you will need to complete. Follow all the Destiny The Court of Oryx Quest steps below to completing it.

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Step One: Depose the Court

Patrol the Dreadnaught. Summon and defeat the Court of Oryx by slaying enemies and imbuing their runes with power.”Within the bowels of the Dreadnaught is a monument to the feared Court of Oryx. Seek out the Court runes. Use them to summon their number. And end them.” – Eris Morn

The Court of Oryx Objectives

  • Reciprocal Rune Summons, Victories

Completion Value: 6

Destination: Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

  • Stolen Rune Summons, Victories

Completion Value: 3

Destination: Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

  • Antiquated Rune Summons, Victories

Destination: Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

The Court of Oryx Quest Rewards

Armor Upgrade

Armor Shader

Crota’s Bane Reputation



Step 2: Talk to Eris

Speak to Eris Morn at the Tower.”The Court of Oryx. The most powerful of his army. He would hold the Court in reserve. Allow the mass of the Hive to tear down a world. Then, he would open the gates and unleash the Court upon a weary and battle-scarred race. Fear is a powerful weapon, and one the King uses all too well.” —Toland’s Journal

Destination: The Last City, Earth

Eris Rewards

– Armor Upgrade

– Armor Shader

Watch the Court of Oryx Tier 3 Gameplay on how bosses where defeated

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